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Staging Services

   If you've seen HGTV, you have witnessed some pretty dramatic home transformations.  Would you believe that it is possible to transform your home in the same way?  Absolutely!!!  

   The way we live in our homes is very different from the way we sell.  When we 'settle' into our homes, we tend to fill the nooks and crannies; arranging the furniture not by how the room would ideally lay out  but by how the furniture we have (or furniture that may appeal to us in a showroom) will fit into the space.  

   When the time comes to sell, we either scrub the palette clean by removing all of the furniture and any evidence that life once existed there OR we stress over not knowing where to begin or how to use what we have.   Unfortunately, either of these scenarios can cost you dearly when you put your home on the market.

 ... so be involved in the selling process, you won't regret it.

My approach to home staging is not simply arranging furniture, but looking at the big picture from outside in. 

    Think of preparing your home for market in the same way you would a job interview.   By carefully preparing your resume to demonstrate the value you can offer a prospective employer; then dress to impress; groom from head to toe and finally; prepare for whatever the interviewer might throw your way.

     In the same way, don't let an amazing opportunity pass you by when selling your home; be prepared; stack the odds in your favor.

     You may choose to fly solo, or  for those who would like to combine efforts, we can do this too. Together we will lay out a schedule, then use the 'plan' as our guide,  working together to get you home on the market  in showcase condition as quickly as possible.


Step by Step DIY Plan+
Vacant Home 


   Unfortunately 90% of buyers can't envision how they would use empty space which makes it even more difficult for buyers to get excited about and empty home.    


  With your input we will bring in select items to style your home to not only allow buyers to understand and appreciate the space your home has to offer, but to also draw attention to the many assets that set your home apart from its competition.  


Occupied/Partially Occupied

      So occupied is better?  Hold on, it may be... or it may might make it harder to sell if the house reflects a strong personal style; years of good living can leave behind a tired lived-in feel; room layouts that may only work for you...  


      By rearranging and editing your items we will enhance the homes flow, demonstrate each rooms purpose and usefulness with a fresh look that will appeal to the larger market.

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