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Transform from Home to Market

(slide arrow in center of each photo to see transformation)

Lighting effects how you feel

A burnt out bulb or 2, the wrong type of bulb for the fixture; it all makes a huge difference.  Note how fresh and inviting a brighter space becomes.

Bring out the personality

Your home is unique to itself, even in a cookie cutter neighborhood.  Find those unique qualities and showcase them to set your home apart.

What about wallpaper?

Wallpaper is fabulous when you want to let loose and express yourself.  However, to appeal to the larger market - keep it simple.

Soften those hard cold spaces

A little bit of texture and softness can go along way.  Take you spaces from cold to comfortable.

Keep it simple

Bed linens and bits of decor will best show off your home if it simply enhances the room and does not overpower.


If using curtains, allow them to frame and draw attention to the window, but not block the light.  Natural light is priceless!

Show off those wood floors

...but don't neglect to soften the room.  Let the beauty of the floors be seen and appreciated beyond the reaches of an area rug.

Keep your paint subtle

Note the flexibility that the neutral paint will offer the next home owner.  

Help buyers imagine

Considering the needs of families during this uncertain time; we incorporated workspace into the living area to demonstrate the opportunity to work/study from home.

Let the light shine

It's difficult to light a room properly when vacant, loss of light sucks life from the space.  Note the differnece.

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