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Managing the process 


   How does your home show from the street?


   Unfortunately there are many homes that are never toured simply based on the condition of their exterior.  This may not be fair since the interior may be a show place, however, poor curb-appeal will likely cost you a sale.


   Whether consulting or staging, we address the entire picture.  Are the bushes overgrown, does the grass need to be mowed and edged, how welcoming is the approach to the front door and is everything fresh, clean and in good repair? This will set the stage for the buyers eagerness to see more. 

   Before you put your home on the market, think about throwing down some grass seed and fertilizer (if the season permits) or plan for maintenance and keep an eye out for colorful annuals, etc.

   Spruce up your exterior so that it receives accolades  your neighbors (if it doesn't already).

   The time to begin the process of preparing your home for sale is the moment you begin to think about moving.  


   No doubt you have already considered the price you feel your home is worth and the ideal time-frame for your transition, so what's next?


   You'll need a game plan.  We can help out with that.  After touring your home we will put together a comprehensive plan.  This will focus on recommendations for critical changes that we feel are necessary to maximize your home's marketability.


   We will break it all down room by room, along with pictures to help demonstrate not only what we recommend, but why we feel these changes are important. This will cover everything from how we will draw attention to your homes assets; proper lighting, traffic flow, how it will photograph for your listing, etc.

   If your home is still furnished, we can use your furnishings and/incorporate ours; re-positioning or moving pieces from room to room if necessary.  

   There's no avoiding it….


   Who doesn't love to be organized, and yet it is one of the first things to fall through the cracks when chaos enters our lives.  You're busy, just wondering how to get through your day, not necessarily worried about how your closet looks as you scramble out the door.


   You've got a lot on your mind, and we understand.  Has it been a couple of springs since that last 'spring cleaning' or maybe you simply have inadequate systems to make the most of the space you have?  Do you need items sorted, stored, consigned, donated or maybe just hung properly?  


   With some very helpful organization now your move will be simplified, your home will show better, and best of all..... your 'To Do' list will be shortened while alleviating unneeded stress.  ​From cabinets to closets, basement to garage, we can give you the invigorating fresh start you need. 


   You’ll be amazed by the unexpected calm this will bring you during a time of such significant life changes.

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