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Alicia's talents helped us sell our house in many ways. She can envision new uses for old tired rooms and brings them back to life. Alicia assisted us through two realtor listings and used both our own furnishings to open up and redefine spaces and also completely restaged the property once our belongings were removed. Alicia's redesign matched the style and age of the house without making it unrealistic for buyers to imagine themselves using the space in the same way. Alicia was a joy to work with and helped sell our house to the perfect buyer!     - Lori L.

" My husband and I are so pleased we decided to work with Alicia.  We ended up selling our home for over $15,000 more than our realtor originally quoted.  The offer we accepted came the first showing day.  Alicia worked on the staging with our furniture along with things she brought in.  She even changed a few light fixtures and found a new sink top for one of our bathrooms.  These small changes made a huge impact on bringing cohesion to the home.  I showed photos of our home to several friends who were all shocked and impressed at the wonderful transformation.  Alicia has a way a making subtle changes that convert even an unused space to one with a designated purposed.  In every room she created such a warm and inviting environment for our home.  In addition to all of her hard work and amazing results, Alicia is also a joy to work with.  I do not say this lightly when I add that I know for a fact that Alicia really cares about her clients and wants the best result for them."                                                               -Anna P.

"Alicia is the kind of person who knows you need help even when you don't know it yourself.     She used her unique professional skills to make our home bright and appealing to a potential buyer. Her extra, eye-catching touches made all the difference. Our home became a showcase.     Alicia's positive and creative nature added so much in keeping us pointed in the right direction ... and in keeping our spirits up...     That is really what meant the most to us  ... Alicia's expert advise and her understanding of the whole picture.     Her unique work goes beyond monetary reward. She was truly part of our journey and took on our goals as her own ... right through and including 'PROPERTY SOLD'."                                   - Janie D.

"Alicia touched every corner of my 40-year-old home from the front door to the back door, including the garage, a large patio, and the basement.

Her talents brought my old household things to life, tables, chairs, etc.  She rearranged and placed them in designer settings. She never failed to amaze me with her abilities.

She created looks for my books, lamps, mirrors, dinnerware, etc.  I could not believe my old things were new again. One final comment, Alicia came bearing her own treasurers which she mixed with my things to make incredibly charming settings.  She is a wonder and her touches absolutely sold my home."                                                                                          -Alice


"Aladdin had the Genie, Cinderella had her Fairy Godmother, and I had Alicia.  Alicia Panyard was the reason I sold my home quickly and received an improved price.

At age 70 I decided I needed to sell my home.  Lawn work and winter shoveling were becoming beyond my abilities....   She arranged furniture and brought in special pieces and fresh flowers to enhance my home.  The screened porch and yard were great features. Four chairs with plastic webbing on the porch were comfortable but did not show off these features to best effect.  When you see the opening picture on Alicia's website, you will see how Alicia made the porch and yard absolutely beautiful.

Moving is hard work.  Alicia was with me all the way.  When I was working in the basement until 10:00 at night, Alicia was there with me.  Each day she freshened the flowers, found a new piece to enhance the bedroom and put on soft music to set a relaxing mood.

      The sense of style and hard work that Alicia brings to a project are invaluable."



"Being a Realtor for 23 years, Alicia Panyard is one of the most talented designers and stagers I have ever worked with. She makes a home look like candy for the eye. I had a listing that had been on the market for almost a year. It had been fully renovated. Alicia said, "Let me stage it for you". So she staged the property with the Sellers consent and it sold in less than two weeks. I have had several houses staged by Alicia and most all sold the next day after putting them on the market. One home sold while she was staging it. Alicia has more talent in her little finger than most people have in there whole body. She is worth her weight in gold. She can work with your furniture or bring in furniture pieces. I have this poem that describes Alicia to a T. "You'll find in every profession, in every city, state and shop; just as in strawberry boxes, the best always get to the top."                                                                                                                                                                      -Donna

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